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Dandara Latest Android Apk + OBB Download


Dandara Latest Android Apk + OBB Download;Today we are here for the latest android game Dandra. This is one of the most favourite games among the youth. The world of Salt hangs on the brink of collapse. The citizens, once free spirits, now stand oppressed and isolated. But not all is lost, for out of this aether of fear arises a heroine, a ray of hope. Her name is Dandara. You can Download the trending android games, top free paid games, best free android games, and offline games here.

Latest Dandara Android Apk + OBB

Although Dandara is based on a Brazilian figure who helped lead a slave revolt in the late 1600s, you wouldn’t know it based only on the game’s surreal tale. The story is one of oppression told through vague metaphors about a broken world whose currency, salt, is in short supply. The sporadic conversations Dandara has with the trapped inhabitants does little to inject the world with any sense of humanity. The story is simply too abstract to create the lasting bonds that could have propelled Dandara forward with a real sense of purpose.

Download the Latest Android Mod Apk + OBB of Dandara

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