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Ludo King Latest Apk Download; Ludo game has stayed popular throughout the ages, varying only a little in its game structure. This persevering game is now available for you to play in an all new modernized format, i.e. as a video game application. Play with friends! Play with Legends. Play Ludo King game on your mobile and become the best! And Download the trending android games, top free paid games, best free android games, and offline games here.

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The game is no doubt very addictive. But having played many games I find that it tries to balance the outcome most times by giving the losing player a chance to win the game and in the process making the winning player lose many times. For eg. if you are winning a game it starts giving you all the wrong numbers while giving the losing opponent all the right ones. Due to this the winning player, who would have actually played the game much more smartly, can end up losing. After sometime this becomes so obvious and frustrating. In a recent game I had my last peg just 2 steps from home and the opponent had all 4 pegs far way from home.

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